The Pasco County school district in Tampa, Fla. is adding $840,000 in new surveillance cameras to campuses over two years, as part of an effort to enhance student and employee safety.

According to a press release, any information obtained from video surveillance/electronic monitoring systems may only be used to support the orderly operation of the School District's schools and facilities, and for law enforcement purposes and not for any other purposes. "As such, recordings obtained through the use of video surveillance/electronic monitoring equipment may be used as evidence in any disciplinary proceedings, administrative proceeding or criminal proceeding, subject to Board policy and regulations. Further, such recordings may become a part of a student's education record or staff member's personnel file. The Board will not use video surveillance/electronic monitoring equipment to obtain information for the purpose of routine staff appraisal/evaluation or monitoring," says the press release. 

The Superintendent is responsible for determining where to install and operate fixed-location video surveillance/electronic monitoring equipment in the District, the release says. "The determination of where and when to use video surveillance/electronic monitoring equipment will be made in a nondiscriminatory manner. Any person who takes action to block, move, or alter the location and/or viewing angle of a video camera shall be subject to disciplinary action," says the press release.