The Florida Department of Education (FDOE), in coordination with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, announced an integrated data repository and data analytic resource to improve school threat assessment teams’ access to timely information from a variety of data sources to swiftly identify, assess and provide intervention services for individuals whose behavior may pose a threat to themselves or others.

The FDOE developed the portal to improve school threat assessment teams’ access to information from a variety of sources, including the Florida Department of Children and Families, Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, local law enforcement and social media. The FSSP will not be used to label students as potential threats, but to evaluate the seriousness of reported or identified threats and to assist in getting professional help when necessary. Additionally, the portal does not store information about students’ race, religion, disability or sexual orientation and the threat assessment team members must undergo complete training and sign user agreements to obtain access to data.

Highlights of the Florida Schools Safety Portal include:

  • The Florida Schools Safety Portal provides real-time access to information to quickly avert a reported or identified threat
  • Only users already authorized to access criminal justice data will be able to access the information in the portal
  • Information is temporarily displayed to authorized users for only 30 minutes
  • Authorized users will not be able to download or store information

“In February, I issued an executive order to ensure the safety of children in our schools and the Florida Schools Safety Portal is one of several steps my administration has taken to further this collaborative effort,” said Governor Ron DeSantis (Fla.). “We must dedicate the attention and resources necessary to protect our students, teachers and school personnel. Access to timely, more accurate information will allow our law enforcement and threat assessment teams to respond and intercept possible threats, while also ensuring students in need of professional help get the necessary support.”

“School safety is our top priority and the Florida Department of Education is committed to protecting our students, staff and schools from harm,” said Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran. “The Florida Schools Safety Portal will enable school threat assessment teams to keep children and district staff safe during their time on campus.”