Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass Senator and U.S. Presidential Candidate, is planning on increasing election security voter fraud protection plan aimed to "secure our elections from all threats, foreign and domestic."

How? Here's her plan:

  • The federal government will replace every voting machine in the country with state-of-the-art equipment and require adoption of a uniform federal ballot. "And we will lock all federal voting technology systems behind a security firewall like it’s Fort Knox," Warren says. 
  • "We will have federal standards to ensure everyone can vote, including mandating automatic and same-day registration, early voting and vote by mail. My plan will mean no more arbitrary voter purges. No more registration issues. And no more gerrymandering," she says. 
  • The plan would equip states with cutting-edge voting equipment and election security protocols, all paid for by the federal government. States would be required to follow all federal standards for federal elections. States who also choose to meet these requirements in their state elections can work through federal-state partnership agreements to have those elections fully funded by the federal government, too — and they will receive a bonus for achieving high voter turnout rates. 

Detailed federal election standards would include:

No more registration problems. Automatic voter registration and same-day registration for federal elections would be mandated. State and federal government agencies will automatically register voters and transfer that information to state elections officials, and voters can opt-out, if they choose. Every state will also be required to offer same-day registration, which acts as a fail-safe for anyone who is mistakenly left off the rolls.
No more voter purges. States will be banned from removing voters from the election rolls unless the voter affirmatively requests to be removed or there is objective evidence of a legitimate reason to remove them, like death, change of address, or loss of eligibility to vote. Those who have served their time and left prison will be re-enfranchised. 
No more difficulties voting. Election Day will be a national holiday, and all federal elections will have a minimum of 15 days of early voting, expanded voting hours, the option to vote with a sworn statement of identity instead of an ID, convenient polling locations, and voting by mail. The Voting Rights Advancement Act and the Native American Voting Rights Act will be passed to shut down a host of festering discriminatory practices.
No more gerrymandering. States will be required to use independent redistricting commissions to draw federal congressional districts to prevent gerrymandering. Both parties should compete on a level playing field; not in a rigged game designed to suppress the will of the people.

"Our democracy is too important for it to be under-resourced and insecure. We need to do everything we can to make sure our elections are convenient, professional, and secure — and we should be willing to pay for it. Based on estimates of national election administration expenses, recent state efforts to upgrade their election systems, and assessments of the costs of new machines and audits, to cover these costs, we would allocate around $20 billion over ten years, which includes around $15 billion for election administration and around $5 billion for election security. This investment can be fully paid for with revenue generated from the Ultra-Millionaire Tax," she concludes.