As hurricane season begins this month, data has found that Americans misunderstand the long-term impact of these storms, and other natural disasters, on communities – many of which are still in need of relief and aid today.

Jack Link's, in partnership with veteran-led organization Team Rubicon, are leveraging new, national survey data to remind Americans about the importance of disaster relief and how they can get involved – beyond the initial impact. With the one- and two-year anniversaries of major storms like Hurricane Harvey, Irma and Maria fast-approaching, it's an important reminder that ongoing relief efforts still need funding and volunteers.

"Cleaning up the aftermath of natural disasters has become a difficult reality for many Americans throughout the country – a struggle that often goes unnoticed once the initial wave of support subsides," said T.D. "Tom" Dixon, chief marketing officer at Jack Link's. "After reviewing survey data from our Team Rubicon partnership, we have a better understanding of the misconceptions that exist around disaster relief and the lack of support for local communities who continue to struggle in the wake of disaster devastation. In an effort to aid families in need, Jack Link's is raising awareness for the cause, donating resources and harnessing the strength and passion of our team members on the front lines."

This National Jerky Day (June 12, 2019), Jack Link's and Team Rubicon are teaming up to encourage Americans to get involved and support the cause. For every bag of jerky purchased in-store and online at on this day, Jack Link's will donate a bag to Team Rubicon volunteers. Jack Link's engagement also extends beyond June 12, including matching consumer donations to Team Rubicon, dollar for dollar** to support long-term and real-time recovery projects.

"Each year, natural disasters impact millions of Americans, but once the initial shock is over and the cameras leave, support drastically falls, and communities are left to recover alone," said Jake Wood, co-founder and CEO of Team Rubicon. "In partnership with Jack Link's and in response to these new findings, we hope to revitalize support by raising awareness and donations to provide the supplies necessary to restore communities that have been devastated by natural disasters."

Natural Disasters By the Numbers:

  • Three out of four Americans have lived through a natural disaster, but fewer than four in ten can accurately recall the states impacted by the costliest hurricane on record (Hurricane Harvey) less than two years ago.
  • More than half of all Americans (53%) have contributed to disaster relief in some capacity in the past five years -- 6 months post-disaster, only 6% of those are still contributing -- but, it can take communities years to rebuild.
  • The United States tallied a record high bill last year for weather-related disasters at $306 billion.
  • Two out of five Americans guessed it takes about six months to a year for survivors to return to their daily lives, but the majority of disaster survivors claim it takes more than six months, and even up to two years.