ISC)² announced the availability of a range of new courses to its Professional Development Institute (PDI) portfolio.
PDI course offerings are free to (ISC)2 members and associates and currently represent a combined value of $3270. Up to 35 CPE credits can be earned by successfully completing the available courses, which are accessible free to members via My Courses or for purchase by non-members at
“Our members are constantly searching for ways to update and improve their skills as the cybersecurity landscape shifts around them,” said (ISC)2 Education Director Mirtha Collin. “The Professional Development Institute is one way we provide value to members by harnessing the collective expertise of our association in order to deliver world-class learning opportunities that keep them up to speed on areas that will help them advance in their careers and better protect the organizations they support.”
PDI Immersive courses are in-depth investigations of a single relevant and timely topic in cybersecurity and are delivered in an online, self-paced format. They are accompanied by a diverse set of learning activities to help cybersecurity and IT/ICT professionals gain insights and develop skills that will help them in their day-to-day roles as well as their individual career paths.

The three new Immersive courses include:

  • Creating Your Path to CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) – Formulates a picture of the internal and external obstacles on the path to becoming a CISO. This course will help the learners find ways around or over those obstacles and see the complete picture of “puzzle pieces” that make up the role. It will help them identify which pieces they already possess and which ones they will need to develop.
  • The CISO’s Guide to Success – Explores what it means to be a competent and successful CISO. Learners will understand where they stand on a broad set of competencies that every CISO should have and be developing, and will build a personalized set of plans for how they will enter into the role of CISO and what it takes to make an impact in the first 100 days in the role.
  • Responding to a Breach – Teaches learners about a phased approach they can use to respond to a breach. Learners will be able to apply each phase of the response plan and practice adapting it to their environment. After completing the exercises, they will come away with a complete custom response plan. The course also provides a chance to experience an immersive breach exercise and think through how different roles might be involved, how each role might react, and which priorities each of those roles would be weighing during a breach.

Existing PDI Immersive courses such as GDPR for Security Professionals: A Framework for Success, DevSecOps – Integrating Security into DevOps, and Building a Strong Security Culture were made available from the outset of the program.

PDI Labs are hands-on courses that enable learners to practice specific technical skills after engaging with upfront preparatory materials. These courses are deployed, and skills are assessed, within a virtual machine environment.

The first Labs course available now is:

  • Assessing Application Security – Explores the foundations of how to assess an application’s security. In today’s app-enabled world it is more important than ever for security practitioners to work with their organization to ensure their digital assets are adequately protected against attacks. In most cases, the internet-facing application is the primary target for attackers. Applications, when not properly hardened and secured, create the entryway for criminals to gain access to sensitive data or even allow for the complete compromise of the underlying system. Whether the application is bought, built or acquired it is important to consider its vulnerabilities and the types of attacks that might be used to exploit them.

To learn more about PDI and the courses now on offer: