Students in Chinese schools are wearing uniforms embedded with computer chips to monitor their attendance.

According to an ABC News report, 11 schools in the south-west province of Guizhou have introduced the uniforms, which were developed by tech firm Guizhou Guanyu Technology.

As students enter the school, the time and date is recorded along with a short video that parents can access via a mobile app, the report said.

Facial recognition ensures that each uniform is worn by its rightful owner to prevent students from cheating the system.

If a student skips class, an alarm is triggered to inform teachers and parents, while an automatic voice alarm activates if a student walks out of school without permission.

A GPS system can track student movements beyond the school grounds.

Alarms will also sound if a student falls asleep in class, while parents can monitor purchases their child makes at the school and set spending limits via a mobile app, according to the report.