Students at Bushland Independent School District in Bushland, Tex. must pass a drug test before they can participate in certain school activities such as band and chess and receive a parking permit for school grounds.  

Samples of the students' saliva or urine will be used to hunt for substances including alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, amphetamines and opiates, says MSN.

Consequences of positive test results will prevent students from competing in extracurriculars, parking on school premises and taking part in social events. The severity will depend on the number of offenses, according to a news report.

According to the Texas district, test results will be confidential and will be disclosed "only to the student, the student's parents, and designated district officials who need the information to administer the drug-testing program." Officials said positive tests—to be conducted by trained staff, certified providers or contractors—will not be used to impose academic penalties, reports MSN.

Bushland ISD says consequences will not be cumulative, so when students move up from middle school to high school, they will have a clean slate.