A new research report published by cybersecurity experts, BestVPN.com, reveals the state of online privacy in the United States. BestVPN surveyed 1,000 U.S. consumers to understand the state of online privacy in 2018. The report reveals a significant knowledge gap and suggests that, despite their fears, US citizens are not protecting themselves against the ever-growing number of cyber-threats.

In light of the 2018 data breaches and revelations, consumers were asked to detail their cyber hygiene habits. Vulnerabilities revealed within the data include a significant distrust of social media platforms; 45% of consumers report feeling uncomfortable about using platforms which track and potentially sell their data. Despite the mistrust of corporations, a lack of understanding is evident with a substantial 46% of respondents not adjusting their privacy settings on social accounts in the wake of 2018 corporate cyber violations.

The report also details the hazards encountered on public WiFi. Over half (52%) of respondents admit they regularly join public WiFi networks, yet lack an understanding of the danger this exposes them to from hackers or exploitation of their personal confidential information.