Education Secretary , Betsy DeVos said that she has "no intention" of taking action regarding any possible use of federal funds to arm teachers.

"Congress did not authorize me or the Department to make those decisions" about arming teachers or training them on the use of firearms said.

"I will not take any action that would expand or restrict the responsibilities and flexibilities granted to state and local education agencies by Congress," DeVos wrote in a letter to U.S. Rep. Bobby Scott of Virginia, the top Democrat on the House committee overseeing education.

Debate over whether teachers should be allowed to carry weapons intensified after President Trump voiced support for the idea following a massacre at a high school in Parkland, Fla., on Feb. 14 that left 17 people dead, reported Fox News.

In the months since the shootings, DeVos has headed a panel on school safety that is supposed to issue a list of recommendations later this year, Fox News reported.