How can you enhance your role as a strategic business partner in your enterprise? In a webinar, John Turey, Vice President of Enterprise Risk and Security Management at TE Connectivity, discussed how enterprise security can better think and understand about enterprise risk management. Turey explained how you can have an execution framework and views on enterprise behaviors in which you can leverage when engage the “enterprise owners of risk” in your organization.

“Now more than any other time, we have a great opportunity to change and deliver greater value to the organization’s that we serve,” Turey noted.

Turey first discussed what the future likely holds for global enterprises, and named 6 trends that will impact how enterprise’s conduct business in the future.

  1. Internet of Things. More than one trillion sensors will be connected to the Internet, and more than half of internet traffic will be from your home appliances.
  2. People themselves will be connected in multiple ways.
  3. Artificial intelligence will automate, augment and amplify our ability to perform.
  4. Data: the rate of data and the pace of data exchange will be massive.
  5. Manufacturing: technologies such as 3d printing will change how we live.
  6. Transportation: how we get around will change, and 10% of all vehicles will be driverless.

How will these impact your job in enterprise security? “We need to be at the forefront to help our leaders with the risks associated with these trends,” he said.

To know the risk, he said, you also need to understand the business goal. For most, it’s to be profitable. “Because if you’re not, likely you won’t be in business long,” he said. “You won’t have shareholders, so fundamentally, the goal of the business is to be profitable. In my opinion, 90% of the time, our executives are focused on ensuring this. Beyond that, they are focused do is a balanced business portfolio, a balanced business model, digitization, and industry disruptors.

“You really have to understand how the company makes money,” he added. “You need to know this so that you can be better aligned to help them. You need to do your industry and company homework; spend time with business and strategy leaders; and know your products, services, platforms and their applications. You could volunteer for projects that are outside of your role, as it’s difficult to achieve success without understanding the internal and external environment.”

Specific behaviors for success in an enterprise risk management role that Turey suggested is to be an enterprise thought leader, establish partnerships and networks, take thoughtful risk and don’t be afraid to fail, think big and move fast, and mind what matters, meaning focus on very specific matters versus many of them.

Last, Turey suggested the importance of creating a winning team. “We in the security industry constantly need to think about creating a winning team, particularly with technology changing. What is the future holding and do you have the right skill set, and if not, where can you find it?”

Overall, Turey encouraged enterprise security to make three commitments: take a holistic and value based approach to your program; take time to learn the industry landscape for your company and how your company makes money; and act now. 


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