Challenging and changing times need smart security solutions. Video analytics can help with risk mitigation and management, and can be an effective way to reduce risk, enable efficiencies, ensure compliance, and keep employees and assets safe.

Casinos and gaming properties have vast surveillance needs. Analytics incorporated into casino surveillance helps keep gaming facilities, guests and employees safe and secure. Here are five other applications that can benefit from the use of analytics:



In factories, warehouses and other industrial applications, video analytics can improve security by tracking items left behind. And video analytics are also hard at work helping to detect flaws in manufactured products and monitoring machine operations to help schedule predictive maintenance – providing value far beyond the security function.



Retail is one sector where video analytics lets the security department add extra value to the business. For example, analytics can help collect valuable non-security data, including counting shoppers at entrances, identifying shopper behaviors such as the duration of shopping visits, testing and measuring how shoppers engage with store signage and product displays, and similar strategic data.



Safeguarding a seaport often means monitoring a vast perimeter in difficult weather conditions. Video analytics can help provide useful information on incidents, resulting in fewer nuisance alarms and saving time for seaport security staff. Video analytics can reliably detect humans and/or vehicles, while ignoring environmental effects such as rain, snow, shadows and even small animals. Instant transmission of alerts and real-time video with camera control can also help remote control rooms or mobile security units evaluate a situation and act quickly.


Stadiums, Public Venues and Special Events

Video analytics are a perfect way for stadium security to keep track of attendance and occupancy by counting people at exit and entry points. Video analytics such as facial and behavioral recognition technologies allow security personnel to more accurately detect irregularities in behaviors, such as a fan who is being disruptive, which can trigger alerts and allow for a proactive response and effective risk mitigation – ideally before security-related issues turn into full-scale problems.



Buses, trains, subways and other passenger transportation can be difficult to secure due to the sheer number of people who use the services each day. Analytics can help with license plate recognition, undercarriage inspection and more. Smart cameras see, and they can also hear. Many security incidents, especially with transportation, are preceded by some kind of noise, such as glass breaking. Video surveillance that “hears” with sound detection capabilities can add great value to an enterprise’s security strategy.

In these and other ways, video surveillance analytics can help you to maximize the value of your video surveillance investment. From street crime deterrence, to missing person search, patient monitoring, anti-terror operations, vandalism detection and more, the possibilities for advanced analytics applications are remarkable.