Surveillance cameras are being installed within NJ Transit regional trains in order to monitor security and behavior. Currently cameras are only being installed in trains that NJ Transit runs under contract for Metro-North, but an agency spokesperson said that cameras will be added to other lines as funding becomes available.

NJ Transit us a state-owned public transportation system serving New Jersey and portions of New York and Pennsylvania. 

Cameras are already used on the agency’s light rail trains and buses. The new train cameras will not be constantly monitored, so passengers will still need to call police or alert train crews to report incidents, but the video would provide evidence after the fact.

NJ Transit issued an alert May 4 to let riders know about the new system, saying “These cameras will improve customer and crew safety and aid investigations as well as help deter behaviors that could affect safe train operations.

“It is important to note that these cameras do not record audio in the customer areas of the rail car. Signage will be posted at both ends of the coach to inform customers that the car is equipped with this video system.”