Both of the new MegaDome G3 and G3 RS (remote setup) dome camera series from Arecont Vision offer H.264 compression in an all-in-one camera, lens and housing solution. The MegaDome G3 offers 1.2, 1080p, 3, 5, and 10MP choices to address any application need. All models offer an IR-corrected motorized P-iris wide angle or telephoto varifocal lens with remote focus/zoom for outstanding image clarity and easy installation. Arecont Vision’s H.264 compression and advanced SNAPstream™ (Smart Noise Adaptation and Processing) technology reduce bandwidth consumption and storage requirements without impacting image quality in all MegaDome G3 models. The MegaDome G3 RS offers 3 or 5MP resolution choices. It also makes installation and setup faster. With remote setup, the installer mounts the camera and installs the PoE (Power over Ethernet) network cable and then dismounts the ladder or lift.  The camera’s motorized varifocal lens package features remote positioning, focus, pan (359o), tilt (90o), and zoom capabilities for rapid, completely hands-free setup while the installer is safely on the ground.
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