According to the Adobe Consumer Email Survey Report 2017, e-mail is the preferred method of communication at work, with about 36 percent of respondents using it.

Only 1 percent of respondents say they use enterprise social networks like Slack, Asana, Yammer, Jive, or SAP Jam, the survey said.  And 85 percent of respondents said they expect their use of work e-mail to either increase or stay the same over the next two years. Survey respondents spend an average of 3.3 hours per weekday checking their work e-mail.

Millennials check e-mail more frequently than any other age group, the study found. And more than any other age group, Millennials expect their use of e-mail to increase over the next two years. Millennials said they were more likely to open their work missives (82 percent) than personal e-mails (60 percent). Of the e-mails opened, Millennials read 83 percent of work e-mails and 64 percent of personal e-mails. Only 35 percent of survey respondents said they open their work e-mails on their smartphones.

The survey also found that people spend a total of 5.4 hours daily during the workweek on both personal and work e-mail, even while on vacation.

About 46 percent of workers who took vacations in August said they checked e-mail while on vacation; 32 percent said they occasionally checked it, 24 percent said they rarely did, 23 percent say they never did, 17 percent said they frequently did and 4 percent said they constantly did.

According to the survey, people would rather e-mail others than meet face to face or talk on the phone, with 52 percent of respondents saying their company's main communication tool was e-mail, followed by in-person meetings (20 percent), the telephone (13 percent), instant messaging (9 percent),videoconferencing (4 percent) and enterprise social networks (2 percent).