At the InterContinental Hotel in Hangzhou, China, the accommodations are set to please even the highest standards. The 21-floor spherical hotel was designed to be part of the new waterfront skyline in Hangzhou within an integrated complex that includes a conference center (site of the 2016 G20 Summit), shopping center and theater, along with a riverfront park.

The security was designed to match the hotel’s innovative ambitions.

Approximately 700 IP cameras are being used on the hotel property, including parking zones, and for the G20 Summit, hundreds more were set up as temporary installations around the complex to provide an additional level of security.

On the border of the property, covert night-vision cameras are fastened to trees and poles to detect intruders.

Within the monitoring center, a virtual 3D model of the hotel and grounds enables operators to more accurately find and access camera views for specific areas of the hotel, zooming into different levels of the grounds or individual hotel floors or hallways to monitor conditions or investigate incidents. For large events, police are given access to the monitoring center to increase their resources and situational awareness. During a press tour of the hotel last October, Hikvision and hotel personnel noted that the hotel was given a “best in class” security solution award by the Hangzhou police following the G20 Summit.