Improves Secure Entrance Equipment

SlimLane EP from Automatic Systems Inc.

This enhanced automatic optical turnstile satisfies the most rigorous security demands while providing for numerous integration opportunities. Integration prospects include elevator dispatch screens, biometric technology and barcode readers, and visitor management systems. Along with a combination of high-speed bidirectional throughput and reliability, the turnstile can be customized with regard to lane width, single or double door, voltage, and glass height. The turnstile is UL2593 listed and offers a five-year warranty.

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Facilitates Intrusion Detection

FlexZone Wireless Gate Sensor from Senstar

This gate sensor deftly perceives intrusions as it consists of a sensor module and a receiver card which allows for analysis of vibration, motion and position data. Its functions include intrusion and supervision alarms, power levels, RF link status and auxiliary input state. The sensor can be attached to any gate material and can be modified with regard to the specific gate thus increasing accuracy in break-in detections.

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Secure Perimeter Gates with a Solar-Powered, Wireless Infrared Barriers

Portalis from Protech

This wireless active infrared barrier for gates has a range of up to 100 feet (30 meters). Portalis is a rapidly and easily deployed infrastructure-free solution that requires no civil engineering, trenching or power supply cables. Connected to a G-Fence (fence-mounted intrusion detection sensor) for complete perimeter protection, Portalis is invisible, virtually impenetrable and solar powered. Alarm information is collected by polarized contacts connected to G-Fence UG auxiliary outputs. An anti-climbing cap and lightening protection are integrated. Operates in environments of -40°F to 158°F (-40°C to 70°C).

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Enhances Gate Security 9200 Maximum Security Gate

Operator from Doorking, Inc.

This advanced security gate operator improves overall perimeter gate security with adjustable speed, mid-stop, and anti-tailgating settings. It is ideal for a high-security environment as it offers a warning alarm and the ability to operate on heavy-duty gates.

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Portable, Fast-Deploying Barrier Offers Advanced Options

MP5000 from Delta Scientific

This portable barrier includes a universal DC power unit to efficiently ensure security worldwide against vehicular terrorist attacks. Its control circuit offers efficient integration including keypads, card reader, RFID, key fobs, wireless transmitters and computer networks. Able to resist vehicles weighing up to 7.5 tons, this barrier is further improved with IR beams that will stop the barrier plate if sensors detect any form of intrusion.

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