Three quarters of moviegoers say they feel extremely or very safe in a theater, according to a new study from research firm C4.

Although they feel secure, there are certain security measures that customers support. Nearly a third of moviegoers believe that bags and purses should be checked for weapons before people go into a theater, and 34% believe that lobbies should have armed security personnel and a metal detector. Fourteen percent of respondents pushed for armed security in each theater, the report found.

The study’s authors surveyed 250 moviegoers on July 28 and 29.

Although a substantial portion of moviegoers seemed to want to tighten safety measures, they balked at paying more to help cover the additional costs of installing metal detectors and posting security officers, the study said. Only 13% of respondents said they would pay $3 more for tickets in order to get those additional security features.

Respondents ranked movie theaters after airports, which boast security officers and metal detectors as the third safest spaces, behind their homes and workplaces, and ahead of their cars, stores or malls, churches and concerts.