UC President Santa J. Ono has appointed criminal justice researcher Robin Engel to the new role of vice president for safety and reform.

“In her new role, Engel will coordinate the multiple external investigations and reviews planned for the University of Cincinnati Police Department, making use of her expertise in data-driven assessment and policy reform in order to work with external reviewers,” the school said in a press release.

According to UC, Engel's new role includes:

• Coordinating all investigations and reviews of the UC police department.

• Establishing and coordinating a UC Community Advisory Group modeled after city reform efforts resulting from the collaborative agreement.

• Assisting in the implementation of changes in UCPD policies, procedures, and practices using evidence-based reforms.

• Coordinating changes and updates in police training.

• Helping to improve diversity and inclusion within UCPD.

• Examining and implementing changes in the complaint process, along with supervisory oversight and managerial practices with the UCPD.

• Rebuilding community trust by enhancing the legitimacy of campus policing practices.

Engel is director of UC's Institute of Crime Science and has advised police departments across the country on racial profiling, violence reduction strategies and best practices. She's worked with police in Nebraska, Oklahoma, Arizona, Pennsylvania and more, and she is the principle researcher for CIRV, the city's violence reduction initiative.

Engel said she will not directly oversee day-to-day operations in public safety or in the university's police department. That structure will remain the same.