Cincinnati is expected to spend $1 million on security before and during the All Star Game on July 14, including cameras and radio reports at a command center to monitor crowds. Surveillance will also be on barge, rail and air traffic.  

The heart of the security operation will be Hamilton County's emergency management headquarters in South Fairmount, where the Regional Operations Center, better known as "The ROC," includes a two-story video screen, state-of-the-art communications equipment and anti-terrorism gear, said a report by 

From there, dozens of representatives from local, state and federal agencies will keep an eye on events as they unfold and send in more people or resources as needed, the report said. 

Police will handle crowd control inside and outside the stadium, the report said. Firefighters will be on standby for emergencies large and small. The Federal Aviation Administration will regulate air traffic, the Coast Guard will keep an eye on the river and the FBI will provide intelligence on potential threats from around the world.

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