Henan University of Technology in Henan province and Minjiang University in Fujian province have set up a facial recognition systems to monitor student absence rates and prevent students from having classmates register for them.

According to the China Internet Information Center, the system registered a 100% student attendance rate after it was set up in classrooms at Henan University of Technology's School of Journalism and Communications. Li Hongguang, the professor at the school who decided to adopt the system, said it was set up for two voice-training classes in the morning.

Many other students approved of the systems, said Li, and teachers at the university called it an "absence-prevention magic wand."

Wang Haiyan said the school began using the system in September of last year, said the China Internet Information Center. A facial recognition system costs around 700 yuan (US$112) and the school's music school purchased five, said the teacher. It took around 15 minutes for a class to register attendance, the report said.