Our world is full of threats. The buildings and systems we interact with everyday are designed to limit our exposure to the risk of fire, bodily harm and other such threats.

We give these threats little thought, until the unthinkable is broadcast on national news and then we scramble to ensure our faculty and students are not exposed to such a threat. Managing these conflicts with technology can provide a safer environment and peace of mind. The days of locking all the doors and handing out keys are gone. Access control systems with anti-tailgate technology, door prop alarms and automatic door operators compliment electrified door hardware products, such as latch retraction, delayed egress, latch retraction with weatherized delayed egress on playground gates protects children while alerting staff. These products can provide greater protection, more conveniences and avoid the unimaginable.

Access control systems and temporary visitor badges have become common in most school districts, but regardless of the campus size, tailgate detection technology can be used to control access to only authorized personnel to restricted areas. Tailgate detection systems sound an alarm if someone attempts to follow an authorized employee through a secure door which may contain sensitive material, expensive equipment, or personnel or student records. Even the most sophisticated access control system is defeated by someone propping open a door, yet a simple door prop alarm can eliminate this threat and ensure the systems are used as intended.

Ensuring all the pieces of technology will work together is key. Manufacturers along with some dealers will create a kit with best-in-class products, configured with wiring and riser illustrations to fit your application. Ensure the supplier understands your need, has the best-in-class products to stand the test of time and make sure they can support the installation with wiring diagrams, riser illustrations and technical support.

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