According to security researchers at IBM and the Cyber Security Intelligence Index, 95 percent of successful hack attacks or incidents were because of some type of human error.

The security index focused on around 1,000 of IBM’s clients spread around the globe in 133 countries. Those included in the report, said, collectively, their firewalls were attacked nearly 2 million times per week. The report noted this included the fact that spam, which is annoying but rarely dangerous, was out of control. Shocker.

Using big data analytics, the report found that only 17,000 of the events out of 91 million were serious attempts to breach and steal. In 2013, IBM security researchers reported 73,000 in 2013. That’s a significant year-over-year decrease.

Highlights include information on threats to your web applications, how spammers are foiling virtual moats, and how to prepare IT teams to get a leg up on remote incident responses.

You can download the report here.