The new Georgia gun law that will take effect July 1 is making officials consider beefing up security at government facilities. According to Savannah Now, a metal detector was placed in the front entrance of the Old Courthouse on Wright Square in Savannah, Georgia, after the law was passed.

On April 17, Savannah aldermen approved the purchase of a metal detector and two X-ray scanners for $53,987, in addition to two turnstiles for $7,750, to be installed at Savannah City Hall. Overall, the enhancements to city security have been in the works for several years.

Local businesses are also preparing for changes after the new Safe Carry Protection Act comes into effect. While licensed carriers, under some circumstances, would be allowed to take their firearms into bars, churches, schools and airports, private property owners may declare their property off-limits to guns. Firearms will remain prohibited inside government buildings that screen for weapons, the article says. 

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