ISC West is fast approaching – April 2-4 – so while you’re booking your travel to the show, take a few moments to scope out what innovations you want to see for yourself. Even if you can’t make it to Las Vegas for this year's show, there’s no reason you have to miss out on this year’s technology. Get a sneak peek of what will be shown and debuted at ISC West 2014.


samsung WiseNet 111

Captures Fast Scene Action without Blurring

From Samsung, Booth #14079

This expanded lineup of WiseNet III surveillance cameras features a wide range of features, including an ultra-fast frame rate (60 fps) and motion reduction technology to capture fast-moving scenes without blurring or loss of edge detail. The cameras can produce high-quality images even in low lighting conditions, and an enhanced dynamic range of 120dB ensures image clarity in mixed lighting environments. The line also features defog capability for improved images in inclement weather and digital image stabilization, which can negate the effects of camera shaking due to high winds or building vibration.

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Dortronics communicating bathroom system

Provides Privacy, Emergency Egress in Dorms, Hospitals

From Dortronics Systems, Booth #1037

In dormitories or hospital room suites, there is often a shared bathroom between rooms. To improve privacy, this Communicating Bathroom System’s “privacy” push buttons will energize door locks, including maglocks, strikes and electrified locksets, for both doors in the bathroom and illuminate an “occupied” high-intensity LED indicator outside the bathroom. Both doors must be closed in order to activate the privacy locks, and opening either door using the mechanical lockset hardware will unlock both doors. The system also features an “emergency release” button which will unlock both doors immediately. For added safety, the system includes a fire alarm interface to redundantly unlock both doors for egress.

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American Fibertek monitor

Monitors Temperature Remotely to Protect Critical Processes

From American Fibertek, Booth #10080

The Net I/O N-TAH is a cost-effective environmental monitoring sensor that allows enterprise security leaders to remotely monitor the temperature, humidity and airflow of network installations and other critical processes – which can be especially important in sensitive settings such as food and drug storage facilities and remote equipment locations such as traffic cabinets. The sensor automatically alerts system administrators when values exceed user-defined levels via email or tunneled alarm relays.

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IQinVision camera


Features Increased Processing Power for Analytics in Small Camera

From IQinVision, Booth #25109

This Alliance-mini HD Megapixel camera includes increased processing power needed to run analytics or VMS applications at the edge, and it also features WDR, on-camera storage, and true day/night capability. The camera is available in H.264 vandal dome models with HD720P, HD1080P and 3MP resolutions, and it delivers high-quality megapixel images with the low bandwidth requirements.

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Allegion classroom lockdown

Enables Lockdown from Anywhere in a Classroom

From Allegion, Booth #20031

This Schlage CO-220 standalone classroom security lock allows a teacher or user to press a button on a remote fob to initiate immediate lockdown in times of crisis from anywhere in their classroom. The lock provides a visual lockdown indication – a red flashing light – from inside the classroom. This solution provides an affordable lockdown solution for schools, and up to 10 fobs can be paired in the field to one lock, and up to 10 locks can be linked to one fob. Fobs connect with the lock closest in range to avoid accidentally locking other doors, and at a range of up to 75 feet.

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GenTec video devices

Provides Integration with More than 80 New Video Devices

From Genetec, Booth #23027

The latest version of Security Center can integrate with more than 80 new video surveillance devices from 13 technology partners, and its support for a variety of new encoders offers analog users options for highly cost-effective 16-channel encoders. The update also includes integration with perimeter fence detection systems, which enables operators to receive alarms from perimeter fences and monitor surveillance video associated with events.

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Arecont Vision SurrondVideo Omni Camera

Four Sensors Provide Multiple Fields of View

From Arecont Vision, Booth #8045

This SurroundVideo Omni Camera features four multi-megapixel sensors that can be individually adjusted to capture different fields of view within a full 360-degree range. This allows a single camera to provide detailed coverage of a wide area, including directly under the camera, or multiple fields of view. The added versatility of these cameras can replace the need for multiple cameras and reduces overall system costs. Multiple lens options are available, from 2.8mm to 16mm.

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Brivo OnAir cloud

Reduces Learning Curve, Simplifies Use

From Brivo, Booth #30044

The Brivo OnAir interface for cloud-based access control and video surveillance has been updated based on user experience experts. The 10.11 version reduces the learning curve and simplifies deployment and daily security management. New features include a simplified search function for a comprehensive, timeline view of access and video motion events; updated live view with multiple options to customize everyday viewing; and an optimized landing page to easily create new user profiles, find users or cards, change passwords and search video.

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CheckVideo outdoor camera

Helps Prevent Crime with Real-Time Detection

From CheckVideo, Booth #34086

This CheckVideo High Definition Outdoor Bullet Camera helps prevent crime with real-time event detection, notifying security managers or a monitoring service of incidents for immediate response. The 2MP camera includes built-in advanced video analytics and a 32GB microSD card for continuous recording. It sends real-time video event clips to mobile devices, email and monitoring operations for incident verification, and the cloud-based solution allows video to be accessed remotely.

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