The National Security Council is back in business – well, at least under its old name again.

In May 2009, the president’s National Security Council, which deals with foreign policy hot spots around the globe, The New York Times reports, was renamed the National Security Staff by President Obama. The explanation at the time was that the NSS would incorporate the staff of the president’s Homeland Security Council.

However, on Monday, the name was changed back via executive order. Obama’s national security adviser Susan E. Rice made it one of her early priorities to change the name back. In a blog post, NSC spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden wrote that “today is an exciting day for the National Security staff.” She explained that the original goal of the name change was to “end the artificial divide between White House staff dealing with national security and homeland security, and avoid stovepipes that could arise in the face of multiple threats.” Now, the reorganization allows the NSC to resume operations under its history name, NYT reports.