Integrated video surveillance, intrusion detection and access control have been key security measures businesses have been using for years. They also happen to be some of the best resources businesses should be using to improve business intelligence.

With most video surveillance offering 24/7 monitoring, using strategically placed cameras can offer key insights on customer focus, traffic flow, process flow, customer reactions and time-based activity. New technology also provides business owners with visibility into their operations that can then be used to manage their businesses more effectively. This data is also important when analyzing business disciplines, customer service and investigating potential security or safety incidents.

Here are five ways security solutions help improve business intelligence:

Improve Time Management

Everyone knows time management is important. As a business owner, the security solutions in place let you closely monitor business operations. For example, video surveillance allows you to evaluate situations, like general protocols, and decide if there’s a way to make them more efficient.

Remote access to video surveillance takes time management one step further. These mobile solutions allow you to monitor activity whether on- or off-site to gain better visibility into day-to-day operations, as well as any type of situation that happens after hours. The ability to view and manage multiple locations from one device saves time and assists in more effectively deploying personnel. In fact, business owners who believe time is their most valuable asset estimate that 11.3 employee hours per week are saved using mobile applications.

Enable Top Notch Customer Service

Keeping customers happy is an important part of any business, so it’s essential your employees are treating customers with respect. One way to ensure customer service is operating at an optimal level is to periodically audit how employees interact with customers.

Up-to-date and well-designed video systems allow you to capture, save and export video segments that offer key insights into issues that need to be addressed. Use these video segments to work closely with employees to improve their customer relations. When employees see themselves in action they are more receptive to constructive criticism, which will help drive them to better refine their skills moving forward. These videos can also serve as an opportunity to showcase excellence in the workplace.

Quality Control Application

Quality control is a business practice that can be attained in many ways – from achieving internationally recognized ISO certifications, to meeting legal compliance criteria to working to boost company culture. Regardless of a company’s reasoning, checks and balances that are reviewed on a timely and consistent basis must be in place. This includes monitoring who, along with the days and times, had access to product R & D, manufacturing or processing of your products. Video and access control, enable audit trails, troubleshooting processes and validation of what occurred. If something goes wrong, these tools will provide training or correction for employees.

Enhance Security Awareness

Burglary and internal theft are top concerns for any business owner.  It’s estimated that four burglaries occur every minute, many of which happen after hours, when a business is closed. Mobile security management applications can enhance security awareness by providing a means for staying in touch with onsite business security systems, anywhere and at any time through personal devices such as a smartphone or tablet. These tools can help you better monitor employee activity, departmental activity and other critical activities relating your company’s security and operations.

Real-time reporting

Real-time reporting offers business owners immediate feedback on situations that occur. Email or text alerts can also be added to provide instant notification when a potential issue arises. By accessing live video of the situation, the incident can be quickly assessed and appropriate actions can be taken. Being alerted about incidents such as, after-hours employee access, entry into sensitive areas, and activation of video sensors, can help improve operations in critical areas like loss prevention, workplace violence and facility security.