The First Florida District Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday that colleges and universities have no vested or delegated authority to regulate firearms on campus – only Legislature has that authority, according to a report from The Examiner.

Plaintiffs Alexandria Lainez and Florida Carry, Inc. jointly brought suit against the University of North Florida, where Lainez is a student. The suit alleged that John Delaney, president of the university, committed a violation of preemption by having a policy prohibiting lawful storage of firearms on vehicles on campus. Lainez commutes to and from campus through some of the more dangerous areas of Jacksonville, however, under the university’s policy, she could not carry her firearm during her commute to school.

The trial court sided with the university, citing a waiver that an exception to the general prohibition of firearms – a waiver reserved for school districts. The District Court of Appeals disagreed, saying that UNF does not qualify as a “school district.”