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Looking good on paper takes a whole new meaning when handwriting analysis is added to the mix of pre-employment screening.

It’s expensive to solicit candidates, interview, make hiring decisions and then train an applicant, only to go through the process all over again when the new hire proves to be less than expected. The time, money and energy expended in repeating the process, not to mention the intangible price of high turnover on an enterprise’s reputation, can climb quickly with only a few bad hires, especially if they damage the enterprise through fraud or a workplace violence incident.

A one-page handwriting sample can help enterprises gain a competitive edge – lending hiring managers and security executives an additional tool to gain insight into a candidate’s character. Handwriting shows real characteristics, even when candidates try to disguise it, because it is primarily a subconscious expression. Consider it frozen body language. Traits such as frankness, persistence, consistency, detail-orientation, self-starting, organization, sales potential and team-player skills are some of the characteristics looked for in handwriting analysis.

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