In this webinar, Darin Dillon, business development manager at Convergint Technologies and Joe Olivarez Jr., vice president of enterprise security and crisis management at Baker Hughes Incorporated, talk about best practices the two companies developed together while working to protect various sectors within BHI, a supplier of oilfield services, products, technology and systems to the worldwide oil and natural gas industry. The BHI business intersects with four verticals within critical infrastructure: energy, chemical, nuclear and transportation. The end goal: a holistic security strategy that addressed the specific needs of each vertical sector and met government regulations.

Olivarez discusses the Homeland Security Act of 2002 and other recent government regulations that have fundamentally changed how critical infrastructure is secured and have influenced policy development throughout the world. He shares how BHI and Convergint work together to not only meet government regulations, but ensure the system delivers security commensurate to the company’s risk level. Olivarez explains BHI’s risk analysis process as well as the methodology and considerations for building its security plan.

Dillon offers an inside look at the relationship between BHI and Convergint, its shaky start and its evolution. Dillon notes the importance for integrators to be flexible and to become subject matter experts on the regulations and challenges that their client’s business is faced with. He also shares the list of six deliverables that Convergint offered BHI in its proposal.

Webinar attendees will also learn about mega trends in the critical infrastructure space, such as increasing and fast-changing operational risks facing the critical infrastructure sector as a whole, hackers targeting intellectual property and various forms of terrorism. In addition, Olivarez discusses specific challenges and changes in the oil and gas space — such as the emergence of reservoir development services — that require BHI’s security program to adapt and grow. 

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