For the second time this month, the North Korean news and information site has been taken down. The Anonymous group tweeted that "more of North Korean websites are in our hand. They will be brought down."

North Korean Web sites, and had also been compromised by Anonymous to display images mocking North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. But and are now inaccessible, while appears to be back to its usual state, said CNet.

In early April, Anonymous gained control of the North Korean Twitter feed, said CNet.Since then, the links in many of the tweets point to the images poking fun at Kim Jong-un and condemning him for "threatening world peace with ICBMs and nuclear weapons" and "wasting money while his people starve."\

A week ago, Anonymous threatened more cyberattacks, tweeting: "OpNorthKorea is still to come. Another round of attack on N. Korea will begin soon."