The White House has rolled out a strategy to protect U.S. trade secrets in the face of increasing concerns about the theft of intellectual property by foreign hackers, Information Week reports.

Attorney General Eric Holder says that “We are fighting back more aggressively and more collaboratively than ever before (and) are poised by build on our recent successes. We need to increase collaboration and coordination, we need to find ways to work together more effectively and efficiently, and we need to do so starting immediately because continuing technological expansion could lead to a dramatic increase in trade secret theft.”

The White House places the fight against cyber attacks in the center of its strategy, Information Week reports. Officials tied the plan to a recently issued White House executive order on cyber security that encourages cyber threat information sharing and adoption of cyber security standards.

The new strategy has five key parts, including:

  • Coordinated international engagement,
  • An effort to spur companies to look at their internal policies and encourage sharing of best practices to prevent trade secret theft,
  • Increased law enforcement efforts,
  • Efforts to strengthen trade law secrets such as recently happened when Congress closed loopholes for theft of source code,
  • And increasing public awareness of trade secret theft problems.