The U.S. is under attack, according to a recently released national security document, as reported by CBS News. China is the top cyber threat to the U.S., the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) claims. The NIE says that China has been intensifying attacks on U.S. businesses to identify data that will help the country gain economically, according to the Washington Post.

Over the past five years, the Chinese have focuses their efforts on businesses in finance, technology and aerospace, among others, the Post reports.

While the countries have not publicly said that they’re targeting each other, both have acknowledged that they’re being hit with cyber attacks, CBS says.

According to the Post, China is not the only threat faced by U.S. interests. The NIE says Russia, Israel and France have all conducted cyber-espionage efforts aimed at economic efforts in the U.S., but China’s efforts are the most frequent.

The latest NIE report comes less than two weeks after The Associated Press reported that the Obama Administration wanted a full assessment of the risk posed by China.