Utility substations
Sensors help electric substation security to verify alarms. Photo courtesy of PROTECH.

Electric utility substations require continual protection from economic, human and legal liability risk, but these often isolated stations have unique security needs.

Utility companies use video to perform daily operations, but they cannot rely on it alone to provide their security, especially if they are attempting to use the video motion built into the camera, according to a case study from PROTECH.

The other three major types of technologies used in outdoor environments are passive or active infrared sensors, conventional dual-technology sensors and video analytics, the case study says. And while all four technologies function well for intruder detection, the study says that they are “not great for alerting the guard of monitoring company to look at the live video and see another nuisance alarm from them.”

The following is the solution from PROTECH:

The PIRAMID XL2 provides reliable security with the lowest nuisance alarm rate possible. Rain, sleet, snow, fog, ice or wind does not affect the PIRAMID XL2’s performance or reliability. In addition, moving vegetation, blowing debris, swinging signs, vibration and randomly moving objects are filtered out by the PIRAMID XL2 sensor. The XL2 is also not affected by extreme temperatures as it has a very desirable operating temperature range of -30°F to 150°F. The XL2 is encased in a rugged weatherproof IP65 metal housing that shields the unit from RFI/EMI interference, rain, snow, wind and sun loading. Add in the fact that the sensor has ‘Enhanced Bird/Animal Immunity Control’ and you have a sensor that is virtually nuisance-alarm-free!