A new national poll from San Antonio, Texas-based enterprise hosting company Rackspace shows that 91 percent of “IT decision-makers” see cloud computing as a positive thing, but it’s no silver bullet, a ZDNet article reports.

The poll results state:

Seventy-five percent of the group said they valued strong customer service and technical support over higher hosting prices. Twenty-five percent said the opposite. Interestingly, that ratio didn’t change relative to the size of the organization.

Top concerns: The ability to add computing power; the ability to move data easily between cloud providers; the pitfalls of vendor lock-in.

Forty-three percent said they are aware of people in their organization using cloud computing services not provided by the IT department for work.

Thirty-eight percent said saving time was the main driver for this behavior.

Just one in three acknowledged that it was because the IT department didn’t offer comparable services or employees simply didn’t want to deal with the IT department.

Finally, 48 percent of the polled IT pros said yes, they would take a job with a new company that does not use cloud computing. (Twenty-eight percent said no way; 24 percent were undecided.) It’s unclear whether this shows IT pros who seek a challenge, or who simply fail to see value in the cloud.

McLaughlin & Associates conducted the survey, which involved 500 IT pros who work for businesses or organizations that use cloud computing.