SMS_part4.jpgIn the last article, we learned how a lifecycle management program offers detailed analysis about your security management system implementation and maximization.  System audits identify trends so you can plan for expansion, resolve issues and optimize your system. 

Is there anything else a lifecycle management program can do for you?

Upgrade Support

When you invest in a lifecycle management program, your system will be automatically upgraded to the newest software version.  Sometimes upgrades are downloaded or shipped to you on disc, depending on the manufacturer or your system requirements; however, the manufacturer will occasionally travel on-site to deploy complicated upgrades. 

When you have the latest software running, you can leverage new system features and functionality and implement cutting edge technology in your security plan.  Upgrades are smooth, take less time and allow you to plan for unique system variables.  Your data is always protected, and you continue to provide the most secure environment possible.

Investing in a lifecycle management program ensures you will leverage security system capabilities to their fullest potential, maximizing upgrade efficiency and return on investment.

Look for the final segment of Five Ways to Optimize your Security Management System in the next Security eNewsletter on July 10, 2012.

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