The base pay for top domestic security executives increased by 2.4 percent in 2011, according to the 11th annual Security and Compliance Compensation Survey Report from the Foushée Group Inc. This puts base pay at $211,079 annually. 

Total cash compensation (bonus paid, not including long-term incentives) also increased, the survey said, by 1.2 percent to $262,737. The bonus target for bonus eligible positions remained the same from 2011 to 2012, at 28% bonus target as a percent of base pay, according to a report from SIA News.

This year's survey included questions on long-term incentive (LTI). The 2012 results indicate that the annual long-term incentive paid to incumbents who are eligible is $85,974, in addition to base and bonus paid. The overall results indicate that the contribution of the top domestic CSO is recognized and rewarded, and continues to increase on an annual basis, the report says.

Results like these can help senior security and compliance managers justify compensation levels for themselves and their employees and defend against damaging budget cuts, SIA states. The report includes more than 160 pages of text and tables detailing the compensation practices for 73 executive, management, professional and technical positions.

The survey is available for purchase from Foushée Group. Visit here for details.   

The Foushée Group Inc. is a leading compensation research firm and a strategic alliance partner of Security Executive Council.