A new study says that disaster preparedness isn't always top of mind.

According to a February Persuadable Research Corporation survey, over half of respondents believe that they are unprepared for a disaster.

What motivates people to prepare for disasters? Mainly personal experience. The vast majority, 82%, of those who were now prepared said that they had a previous brush with a disaster of some sort. Also, from those who were prepared, 27% were ready because they wanted to be able to care for other family members in the home such as children, grandchildren or even a spouse.

Nearly half, 48%, stated that they don't have the money to prepare and 15% claim that they don't have time. One out of five respondents said they intend to "just wing it" if a disaster strikes. The remainder pointed to reasons such as someone else is preparing on their behalf or that they live in an area without natural disasters.

Regarding man-made disasters, 41% were unsure and 35% said the government would not be able to handle it. Additionally, 68% believe that the government is not doing enough to educate the public. A majority of panelists, 66%, had never even heard of the government website http://www.Ready.gov that is devoted to the topic.