CoxHealth, a long-time advocate of electronic surveillance, uses more than 300 video cameras to monitor its vast campus. But gaps in coverage and archiving constraints of its multi-DVR analog systems made it difficult to review weekly incident reports and quickly gather forensic video.

CoxHealth teamed up with Springfield-based integrator NetWatch to design an updated system that was easy to use, control and scale. And, of course, the system needed to be effective.

With IP, the hospital has centralized surveillance and can locate incidents much more easily. Previously, users had several DVRs that required individual login to view and review footage. Now security personnel benefit from an enterprise class system controlled by OnSSI’s Ocularis NetDVMS recorder with Ocularis Client Lite VMS.

NetWatch installed 40 network cameras from Axis Communications to help protect the parking structure. Seven Axis PTZ network cameras guard garage entrances and exits. The remaining cameras – all fixed dome – cover ramps and parking bays.

At the ambulatory surgery center, NetWatch focused fixed domes on building entrances, exits and walkways. Inside, the integrator deployed easy-to-install AXIS M3011 Fixed Dome Network Cameras to monitor hallways, sensitive document storage areas and medication dispensaries.

“Hospitals can be a target for narcotics theft,” shares Joe Rushing, director of public safety and security for CoxHealth. “So we’ve put cameras at a number of key distribution points where there is a lot of foot traffic.”

The video clarity is so detailed that security can compare the dosage being entered on a computer to the actual amount being dispensed. H.264 compression allows the hospital to affordably archive three to four weeks of video typically needed for internal narcotics investigations.

Responsive customer support also played a key role in the solution. “We always get great support from Axis,” explains NetWatch’s Matt Lackrone. “We rarely have to call, but when we do, we get total resolution turnaround in less than 24 hours. I don’t think anyone else staffs technical support quite like Axis.”

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