discrete security cameras

Here’s a highly discreet and affordable solution for monitoring indoor areas – retail stores, banks, hotels, office lobbies, restaurants and warehouses – to improve security and more effectively manage one or more locations. With a sleek and compact design, AXIS M50 cameras are only 5.1” wide and 2.2” high, enabling high-quality 360° surveillance (±180˚ pan, 90° tilt and 3x digital zoom) with HDTV 720p resolution in a package smaller than the average hand. As a complement to its intelligent motion detection capabilities, a built-in microphone also enables audio detection that monitors for unusual noises during off-hours to trigger a security alarm that is sent to the business owner and/or security personnel. The mini PTZ dome cameras are easy to install on soft and hard ceilings as well as on walls, and can cover an area of up to 4,300 sq. ft. With an IP51 rating, the cameras are dustproof and protected from dripping water, enabling video to be taken even when a sprinkler system is activated.

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