The war for talent is ramping up and any business owner, hiring manager, or HR pro will tell they’re receiving plenty of applicants, but how many of them are truly qualified? Finding qualified candidates is tough, and sifting through all of those resumes is time consuming and unproductive. The solution?

It’s not a bird. Or a dog. It’s a job search and placement tool called BirdDog, and it may help you find a new security job or your next security manager. Security magazine and our parent company, BNP Media, recently partnered with BirdDog Career Centers to provide job placement and career counseling solutions for the security industry.

If you’re looking to hire a new employee or to find a new position for yourself, you can access the Career Center by clicking on the BNP/BirdDog widget on our home page at The BirdDog site is tailored to business owners and hiring managers searching for uniquely qualified candidates, and its career center is powered by BirdDog’s Candidate Acquisition and Management System (CAMS). Post an open position and CAMS then distributes the opening across the BirdDog family of niche job sites, including

Beyond that, CAMS can help you and your HR department to score, track and maintain a database of applicants. This not only helps fill current vacancies; it means that you are always recruiting and building a bench of qualified candidates for those “emergency” job openings that need to be filled quickly.

Another great resource is the tips and tricks on the BirdDog site that help to demystify the job hunt and search process. For example, says one article on the site, touting your company’s brand is a key method to finding qualified candidates. There is a perception thanks to the slow job market, the article says, “that job seekers are plentiful, but companies are finding that the best skilled candidates are still in short supply.” The message: make your company a great place to work, exploit that fact to your advantage and attract the best employees.

Please take some time to check out the BirdDog Resource and email any questions or comments to