low light camera inbody

Cameras in the OnSIP™ IP camera series from Speco Technologies allows you to see color in close to dark situations. Technology in the cameras allow you to amplify existing light such as the moon, stars, vending machine light, exit signs and more in order to view dark scenarios. The cameras also use less power than cameras equipped with IR. Speco’s Focus Free Intensifier IP models eliminate the need for the installer to return to the site to refocus the camera after installation. After the camera is placed, the motorized zoom lens is adjusted and set in position. The Wide Dynamic Range IP models incorporate self adjusting pixels that eliminate noise and deliver high resolution so the video is captured in complete detail.The complete line of Speco Technologies OnSIP™ Series cameras include Speed Domes, 1.3 Megapixel, H.264, WDR, Focus Free, Intensifier3™, standard resolution, bullets, domes and traditional models. Video servers, decoders and mounting accessories are also available.

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