Aronson Security Group (ASG) announced the final line-up for keynote speakers to speak at its10th Annual Security Summit & Expo on March 8 in Seattle.

The following executives will be featured on the main stage of the ASG Security Summit and through the online webcast of The Great Conversation™:

  • Mike Howard, CSO for Microsoft Global Security and Brett Arsenault, CISO for Microsoft will speak on how to navigate the strategic landscape between information and physical security
  • Bill Bozeman, CEO of PSA Security Network will provide insights and industry updates on the Security Market
  • Lorna Koppel, CISO for Kohler Company will present on how to build the next generation of security architecture
  • Jeffery Slotnick, a recent addition, is President of Setracon, Inc. and a Regional Vice President for ASIS International. He will be presenting on how to build a resilient organization through security
  • Bob Hayes, Managing Director of the Security Executive Council will focus on looking to 2020 as a long-range goal for better physical and logical security, innovation, risk mitigation and intelligence

The Summit will also feature Breakout Sessions where the theories, espoused by the keynote speakers and exhibited by the technology vendors, manifest into actual case studies that will help guide security executives and their teams in implementing them into their own organizations.

Breakout sessions will include:

  • Data center security
  • Demonstrating the business value of security
  • The future of security in the transportation industry
  • Innovation, integration and interoperability

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