The Department of Energy (DOE) announced the signing of a government-to-government agreement with the Peoples Republic of China to establish a Center of Excellence in China to promote effective nuclear security and safeguards.

The agreement paves the way for DOEs National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) and the Department of Defense to work with CAEA representatives in China to develop a center that will provide a central site for training in all aspects of nuclear security. The Center will serve as a forum for exchanging technical information, sharing best practices, developing training courses, and promoting technical collaborations that will enhance nuclear security in China and throughout Asia. It will also help meet the training needs for Chinas expanding nuclear sector and promote nuclear security best practices throughout the region.

The center will enable the training of nuclear site personnel on measurements and accounting of nuclear material and on the design and installation of nuclear material security systems. It will also train protective force personnel using scenario-driven response exercises and give hands-on training on international nuclear safeguards requirements and inspection techniques.