Minutes after a woman was suspended from her job at a Kraft Foods plant and escorted out, she returned with a handgun and opened fire, killing two people and critically injuring a third before being taken into custody, said an AP report.
The shootings occurred shortly after 8:30 p.m. Thursday at a factory where workers make cookies and crackers. The woman in custody is Yvonne Hiller of Philadelphia, the report said. The report didn't say why she had been suspended and were working to piece together more about what led to the shootings. Kraft, whose products include Oreo cookies, Philadelphia cream cheese and Oscar Mayer bacon, also would not say why Hiller was suspended or how long she has worked at the plant.
About 10 minutes after the woman was escorted out, she returned in a car and drove through a security barrier before re-entering the building on foot. The woman then shot the three victims. She was apprehended about an hour after the shootings started.
Kraft said the plant would be closed until further notice and the company would provide employees with counseling.