More than half of mobile device users access their employer's networks every day without permission, a survey has found. More than 80 percent of users of mobile devices, whose security is not controlled by a company, say they have accessed work information.
Juniper Networks surveyed 6,000 mobile device users and found that the use of smartphones and tablet computers poses a potentially major security risk to corporate information. The survey found that, despite citing information security as a major concern, device owners are using the machines to bypass corporate data protection measures.
"Almost 44 percent of respondents use their devices for both personal and business purposes," said a Juniper statement. "Eighty-one per cent admit using their devices to access their employer's network without their employer's knowledge or permission and 58 per cent do so every single day."
Those users are not unaware of the dangers of using sophisticated mobile devices; 64 percent of them are very or extremely concerned about the possibility of identity theft when a device is stolen or lost, according to the survey. Despite these concerns, owners of smartphones and tablets used them for a wide variety of purposes that would make it easier for thieves to access valuable information. "More than 76 percent of consumers surveyed use their smartphones or tablets to access sensitive personal or business information," said the Juniper statement. "Fifty-one percent [used them] to enter or modify passwords; 43 percent to access banking or credit card statements; 30 percent to access utility bills; 20 percent to share financial information such as credit card numbers; 18 percent to access employer's proprietary information; 17 percent to access medical records; and 16 percent to share social security numbers."