Utility and energy-related customers use visitor management systems to improve overall security by monitoring who is in their facilities and the reasons why. A few of the utilities and energy related organizations using EasyLobby Secure Visitor Management include American Electric Power, Alabama Power, DTE Energy, Duke Energy, ERCOT, Minnesota Power, NSTAR, Indianapolis Power & Light Company, DNEGY and others. 

Because utilities are highly regulated entities, they have unique challenges with visitor security. They must secure their facilities at all times. EasyLobby has also helped utilities control the access of temporary visitors to generating facilities during outages. This helps them from a security perspective and also provides them with the ability to screen out undesirable temporary workers that are not acceptable to standards established by the utility. Additionally, EasyLobby systems can account for the time temporary workers actually spend at their facility.

Overall, utilities use EasyLobby Visitor Management to:
• Help them comply with regulations to identify exactly who is in their critical facilities and the reason why.
• Control and monitor the access of temporary visitors and contractors to their generating plants during both planned and unplanned outages, and control costs of temporary workers by verifying the time they spent onsite.
• ‘Flag’ specific contractors as not acceptable to quality standards.
• Apply a consistent design to visitor ID badges, allowing them to easily see which visitors need to be escorted and those who do not.