EasyLobby Secure Visitor Management is used today at many colleges and universities across the country to protect students, faculty and administrators from unwanted visitors. Visitor security at college campuses starts with knowing who is visiting the different buildings and the ability to monitor and control exactly who is entering and leaving each facility.

Visitor management security also involves creating watch lists in the visitor management system to identify specific individuals not welcomed on the campus. Online screening of visitors on the National Sex Offender Registration can also be used to identify these individuals at the time of check in.

Loyola University Chicago is using EasyLobby to monitor visitors on its campuses. After the initial visitor management system was installed, Loyola soon expanded its use to three libraries, seven residence halls and four administrative buildings. “We wanted to know who was in our facilities at all times,” says Frank Dale, manager of physical security for Loyola. “We were also having some petty theft in the libraries that we wanted to stop.”

All visitor data is networked to the same central database, where enterprise-wide data is integrated, analyzed and reported.

“EasyLobby visitor monitoring software has helped make our campuses safer,” says Dale. It has also dramatically reduced the amount of petty theft in the libraries.