When Adelphi University of Long Island, N.Y. began an extensive expansion on its 75-acre campus, its Public Safety department decided to take advantage of the benefits of IP technology video surveillance systems. With construction starting on new facilities and a large lacrosse/soccer field, Gene Palma, Adelphi’s executive director of public safety and transportation, knew that traditional analog solutions could no longer support its needs.

Idesco Corp, a N.Y.C.-based integrator, provided the detailed system design used to accomplish Adelphi’s aggressive goals. Working with Adelphi’s IT, Idesco deployed OnSSI’s NetDVMS system and Pivot3 storage to handle the 60+ new network cameras from Axis Communications.

Where site conditions prevented use of IP cameras, including in the parking garage, Axis encoders were selected to convert analog feeds for use in the IP-based system. By leveraging its robust network infrastructure, Adelphi realized significant cost savings and gained important functional benefits.

Video is streamed to the servers and storage units mounted safely in one of Adelphi’s server rooms, and then posted to clients around the campus – specifically a 42-inch screen in the Public Safety Booth.
“By combining a number of cameras on one large monitor, we can quickly zero-in on any area with just a couple of mouse clicks,” says Robert Hughes, associate director of public safety and transportation for Adelphi University. “Network video is much easier to manage than our old DVR systems. Archiving is done automatically and requires a much smaller footprint for the head-end.”

In addition to the manageability gains, the new system is exceeding expectations in other areas. “The clarity of the images we capture allows us to be more proactive about the safety of our university community, especially in the event of an unfortunate incident,” shares Palma. “Having immediate control over surveillance extends the reach of our security staff, which is useful for crowd management and protecting campus buildings and property.”