The first building was erected in 1857, when James Buchanan succeeded Franklin Pierce as President of the United States. At that time, Mansfield University in Pennsylvania was called Classical Seminary for 105 students.

Today, about 4,000 students have One Card in their jeans or purse, according to Alexander Miller, the university’s One Card administrator. It provides the entire university community with a convenient form of identification and a comprehensive one card solution to a variety of university systems and services.

“Our goal is to seek new, expanded uses of the card through improved technologies and support to ensure a unified approach to accomplish university missions. Our staff is committed to promoting customer satisfaction and student success in all areas of operation,” says Miller. The Mansfield One Card from Blackboard Transact is the official ID card and more. It is access and financial services for campus events and activities, the library, fitness center, meal plans, campus printing, the bookstore, flex money and — at times — used to pay for parking fines and permits, according to Miller.

On the door access side, all residence halls now have card access control, and, according to Miller, the technology is moving to contact cards from magnetic stripe.