L-1 Identity Solutions, Inc. announced a new access control solution based on finger vein recognition technology, the 4G FingerVein Station. This is the first L-1 solution to incorporate vein recognition and the Company's line of access control devices now support vein, finger and face recognition.
Very dry, dirty or worn fingers pose a challenge for standard fingerprint readers and the system offers an alternative for these conditions found in industrial and manufacturing environments. The use of near-infrared light to gather biometric data means that the condition of the skin surface does not affect accurate processing. Vein patterns are extremely difficult to forge and impossible to manipulate because veins are inside the body and invisible to the eye, making this a uniquely secure biometric modality.
The system utilizes finger vein sensor technology from Hitachi and is built on the 4G access control technology platform from L-1. The platform enables the devices to scale, storing half a million templates for 1:1 verification, the largest template capacity in the industry. Lower cost of ownership and reduced maintenance costs are another important benefit afforded by the platform. The devices leverage the latest communication standards including Wireless LAN (WiFi) and take full advantage of IP connectivity for remote device management. They also use replaceable sensor modules for quick and efficient maintenance in the field. The units include programmable function keys and can send real-time workforce notifications as well as store two million transaction logs.
The system can be used with other 4G access control devices from L-1 to create a mixed installation to meet various requirements. All of the units can be administered through a single management application, SecureAdmin, that monitors and controls any 4G device.